1962, The Myth of the Chilean World Cup
(1962. El mito del mundial chileno) 


This investigation holds that the World Cup hosted by Chile has been the worst championship in the history of soccer. The book is a report full of material and anecdotes that demystify the biggest sports event in Chilean history and judges national sports journalism.


Daniel Matamala has written an in-depth and surprising chronicle. No one has narrated the 1962 World Cup with that much atmosphere, and the outcome seems to clear out for goods all the myths that have been fed by generations of Chileans about an event that marked and also reflected an epoch. Matamala not only exercises his critical judgement about the sports performance of those days; football stars, but also talks swiftly and firmly about the controversies of the day, intrigues, joys and disappointments that make the history of a tournament that, good or bad, will forever be our World Cup.
—Felipe Bianchi

"1962. The Myth of the Chilean World Cup has two main angles, with thematically interleaved chapters: on the one hand, the purely soccer matter, referring to players, tours, matches and trainers; on the other hand, what goes beyond the game itself and the journeys of the directors to get an unknown country to organize the 1962 World Cup. Then everything starts to mix up, all the sports issues become also political matters. Then the referees, the journalists, the politician (and against them, the strikes), the dogs, and the deflated balls—all of them enter the field of the pages. And that is this book mysticism, its raison"

—Luis San Martín (Loqueleímos.com)

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