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A Brave Pilot from the New China
(Soy un bravo piloto de la Nueva China) 

This book starts three times. Rubén, a geologist who lives abroad, returns to Argentina to be
with his mother during her last weeks of life. Then, starts the tale of a double-decker public
submarine driven by women. The route it follows is Buenos Aires-La Pampa-California, and its final destination is an infinite island run by an evil couple. Finally, this book tells the story of a detention camp during the Argentinean Dictatorship.


“The book recreates the instability of a world of appearances, dissimulation, intrigue, a sordid world where no one trusts no one, where everyone has a score to settle with others, where identities and affiliations are many, diplomacy does not protect, and a careless word can mean conviction.”

Sylvia Molloy

“The book by Ernesto Semán could be included in the great tradition of books about ‘a letter to my father’. In this case, the relationship with the father is crossed with the story of themother, the most powerful of the novel.”
Ricardo Piglia

Rigts sold

• Spanish: Penguin Random House

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