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A Very strange Herbarium
(un herbario muy extraño)

This book is a playful project that invites children to participate and discover the reverse of the images through the game with the flaps of each page.

A vine leaf, nettle leaves, lemon tree leaves, and ferns, serve as motivation to stimulate the imagination and provide many surprises proposed by the author. A game of ideas and analogies with shapes that resemble each other or that the author ingeniously contrives to have some similarity.

On one side of the flap are plants and on the other... you’ll have to play with the book to find out!


“Bianki has proven again and again to be an illustrator who pushes back the frontiers of art and illustration.”

—Talieh Mirsalehi, BookBird: A Journal of International Children’s Literature

“[The] freedom to invent worlds with meaning and beauty from a blank canvas must
be taken advantage of by the illustrator. However, not all illustrators feel comfortable
experimenting: consciously or unconsciously, many reduce their activity to imitation
and repetition of successful formulas. Among those who experiment, there are not
many who accomplish remarkable achievements. In my opinion, Bianki is one of those
who do.”
— Vicente Ferrer, Editor of Media Vaca

[Text written to accompany the nomination of Diego Bianki for the Hans Christian
Andersen Award in 2016]

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