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A Year

(Un año)

Suggestive and funny, this book shows the beauty of each season through very short poems that in combination with the images give the reader a taste, an impression, or a meaningful sensation of what is like to feel either the juicy flavor of watermelon in the summer or the comforting heat of a cup of tea in winter. Made with paper, scissors, rotary circle cutter, clamp, and acid free glue, the unique illustrations in this book propose a colorful and delightful graphic, one that invites children to be creative on their own.


“A year invites us to learn to see, or to remember, the beauty of those little things
that mark the passing of time through fleeting details portrayed by shiny colored
silhouettes and poems that last a moment”.
—Lisi Gutiérrez

Rights sold

• Spanish (America): Saposcat 
• Spanish (Europe): Yekibud

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