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The Intruders

(Los intrusos)

Pascual is being followed by a troop of intruders... Where are they coming from and what
do they want? He is not afraid of the dark, but they won’t leave him alone at night! No
one knows what to do —the grown-ups don’t have a clue!— so Pascual will have to brave
this whole thing on his own. Courageously, he goes down to meet the boss of the group,
and as it turns out, he doesn’t consider himself a nightmare, but an artist of the dark...
Well, it seems like Pascual has made a new friend, one that he can meet only when he
goes to bed.
This book is a fantastic way to help children, from ages 5 to 10, face their fears and
nightmares; it will teach them there’s really no reason for them to be scared.


“Just like children’s music has dabbled in sadness, children’s literature has
distanced itself from the usually happy subjects... In the first book written and
illustrated by himself, Alfredo Cáceres explores some aspects of fear with a story
about Pascual, a boy who receives strange visitors in his dreams”.
— El Mercurio

Rights sold

• Spanish (world): Ediciones SM

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