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After Light

(Después de la luz)


A book about blackness, emptiness, the search of language and silence, and also about being an artist or a scientific, and feeling alone. The book is made by a collection of impressive small essays, intertwined with a small first person narrative. A powerful book that links Labatut to other great and disturbing writers such as Lichtenberg and Quignard.


“After light is a book of deep introspection and an ocean in which the breach among things can be perceived. There, at the edge of the abyss, a narrator stands in front of the void and waits in the darkness until the light materializes behind his eyelids. That’s what Labatut’s paragraphs are: elusive phosphenes that allow us to catch a glimpse of metaphysical pieces in the void”.

—Mike Wilson

Rigts sold

• Spanish (Chile and México): Hueders

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