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Alfredo Cáceres

Alfredo Cáceres  


Alfredo Cáceres (1983) is an illustrator who, besides working for several magazines and the two most important newspapers in Chile, El Mercurio and 
La Tercera, has already published more than seven books. Among them, there’s a magnificent edition of Mundos Australes (Southern Worlds, Amanuta, 2013), a collection of stories by the important Chilean author Francisco Coloane, illustrated with mastery by Alfredo. In addition, in 2017 he published his first book written and illustrated on his own: Los Intrusos (The Intruders), by Ediciones SM Chile. Alfredo was born in Southern Chile, but today he lives in Santiago. He has said that he’s been drawing “ever since I have a memory”, and that he intends to draw “until the memory is gone”. His favorite subjects to illustrate are houses and horror stories. You can see more of his work here:

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The Intruders (Los intrusos, 2017)

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