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And so it goes
(Es así)

How would you explain death and the cycle of life to children? In this book, the author illustrates in simple words and images something that sometimes is very hard to explain. Paloma Valdivia, always sophisticated and delicate, uses her talent here to build a wonderful book for children about life and death (and how to deal with it).


“Es así, by Chilean illustrator Paloma Valdivia, is a children’s book that generates meditations around a very delicate subject: life and death. Because of the dedication that Valdivia gave in the text and the illustration, this is a piece that can also be enjoyed by adults.”
—Arlene Muñoz

“With this book, Valdivia reminds us that philosophy is not only an adults thing; kids also question themselves, they interrogate themselves about the meaning of existence and the great mysteries of life. Providing some of the answers to the them shouldn’t be hard—or at least, it is made easier by reading Es así, because the author has achieved to talk naturally and without drama about death and the pass of time.”
—Cuento a la vista

“The book is an open invitation to accept life and its paradoxs, which also include the emptiness and sadness of dying. In that sense, the author, in the text and the illustrations, brings a picture book for children that can also be read by adults who want to dialogue with kids about complex topics.”
—Biblioteca Viva

“How to explain a kid that everything he loves will someday disappear, swept away by the implacable zeal of death? The author Paloma Valdivia does it very good.”

—Javier Munguía (

Rights sold

• Spanish (World): Fondo de Cultura Económica

• English (World): Groundwood Books

• French (World): La Joie de Lire

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