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Anti-Help: A guide to feeling special even though you’re not
(Antiayuda:guía para sentirse especial aunque no lo seas)

In a world full of self-declared spiritual influencers, governed by a mercury that refuses to be anywhere that isn’t in retrograde, Alberto Montt takes his readers on a journey to poke at the ins and outs of those who vibrate at a higher frequency. With his characteristic dark humor and sarcasm, Montt explores the world of self-help, spirituality, and toxic positivity, providing a hilarious criticism of the current rise of esoterism and pseudosciences.

In Self-Help: A guide to feeling special even though you’re not, Alberto Montt, with his rational outlook on life, challenges the notion of karma and Pleiadian wisdom: because the only crystal you’ll ever need to feel more grounded is a regular rock — one that you can throw while you scream into the void.


“Montt mixes apples and oranges and doesn’t ask us to choose one of them. His books are the unusual space where opposites work together. There, the penguin and the polar bear, coming from opposite polesof the planet, find out how exciting it is to share the same bed”

—Juan VilloRo

“Really, a genius.”

—Manu Arregui Biziola

Rights sold

• Spanish (World): Penguin Random House

• French (World): Editions Çà et là

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