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Hurrying, laughing
(Con prisa, con risa)

Hurrying, Laughing tells the story of Roberto, a man who is in a great hurry to get to
work. During his journey, he comes to realize that all the people he meets seem to not
be able to stop laughing. Infected by this sudden and inexplicable happiness, Roberto
continues his journey wondering what could be the mysterious reason for so much joy.
After a tiring and not-so-good day at work, Roberto returns home and after talking to
his mischievous daughter Sara, he discovers the reason why everyone laughed nonstop.

Hurrying, laughing. A story based on almost real events, is a tender story that, with fun
and vibrant illustrations, shows the readers how one can always find happiness and
magic even on the most monotonous and gloomy days.


“Bianki has proven again and again to be an illustrator who pushes back the frontiers of art and illustration.”

—Talieh Mirsalehi, BookBird: A Journal of International Children’s Literature

“[The] freedom to invent worlds with meaning and beauty from a blank canvas must
be taken advantage of by the illustrator. However, not all illustrators feel comfortable
experimenting: consciously or unconsciously, many reduce their activity to imitation
and repetition of successful formulas. Among those who experiment, there are not
many who accomplish remarkable achievements. In my opinion, Bianki is one of those
who do.”
— Vicente Ferrer, Editor of Media Vaca

[Text written to accompany the nomination of Diego Bianki for the Hans Christian
Andersen Award in 2016]

Rights sold

• Spanish (Colombia): Babel Libros

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