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THe art collector
(El coleccionista)

Clemente is an art collector. He lives his life in a never-ending search for unique works of art. Traveling all around the world, along with his always loyal dog, touring museums, and visiting flea markets and auctions, Clemente dreams of getting his hands on the most special and invaluable pieces. 

The Art Collector is a book about the passion and love for art, and about how that love, and the dedication that comes with it, becomes in turn, art in itself.

All the illustrations in this book were crafted using colored paper clippings.


“Matías Prado manages to communicate through simple forms and under the technique of collage, a journey through art hinting at different artists such as Picasso, Matisse, or  Calder. As well as different forms that evoke design objects that are part of the history of art such as the Bauhaus movement, among others.”
— Cultura El Mostrador (Chile)

“In picture book format, Matías Prado gives us here an exquisite and whimsical book.”
— Daniel Blanco Pantoja


Rights sold

• Spanish (Chile): Escrito con Tiza

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