daniel matamala

Your Love Leaves Me: The Battle for Voters in the New Chile
(Tu cariño se me va: La batalla por los votantes del nuevo Chile)


This investigation aims uncover the practices and objectives of political campaigns by revealing information that the elite has always had, but regular citizens don´t. The first eight chapters talk about the “revolution” of the voluntary vote and the new forms of campaigning, always looking at the international experience (mainly the United States) but also at the Chilean way of doing politics. The next six chapters are dedicated to outline some segments of this new Chile: who are the new citizens and which are their motivations to vote (or not to).


"How will future voters be? How will they make their decisions, what things will they pay
attention to, what will be the best way to lure them? The answers to those mysteries are
found in this fast and surprising book."
—Ascanio Cavallo

"Very well written, fun and convincing, Your Love Leaves Me outlines an electoral future
where the attentive citizen regains power: he’ll be able to vote for whom seduces him the
most and won’t vote as an irrational act of dissatisfaction. Both options force politicians,
who seek for his vote, to do their job better."
—Fernando Paulsen

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• Spanish (Chile): Ediciones B