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Things I Never Told You

(Cosas que nunca te dije)


In this short story collection the author revisits themes that were present in her earlier work, but this time in an extremely emotional, contemporary and partly autobiographical way. The characters are placed, once again, in what has become a sort of hallmark of the author's literature: the edge of an abyss.


“Things I Never Told You is one of those rare cases of books devoted to beauty and honesty, but it is also a confirmation that its author has become one of the most sophisticated voices of the first generation of Chileans marveled and bored with their overwhelming self.”

—Tal Pinto, The Clinic


“Without a doubt, this is the best work by María José Viera-Gallo. Her literary growth is impressive—she has built a deep and solid gender book but without clichés or slogans, always attached to the multiple modes of being female.”

—Patricia Espinosa, Las Últimas Noticias

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• Spanish (Chile): Tajamar

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