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It happens
(Cosas que pasan)


She would gallop to school if she had a horse. She would be stronger, prettier and taller if her wishes were fulfilled. One fine day a genius appears to her and grants her a wish. Now her problem is to choose which one.


“Isol creates picturebooks from the eye level of the child. Her pictures vibrate with energy and explosive emotions. With a restrained palette and ever-innovative pictorial solutions, she shifts ingrained perspectives and pushes the boundaries of the picturebook medium. Taking children’s clear view of the world as her starting point, she addresses their questions with forceful artistic expression and offers open answers. With liberating humour and levity, she also deals with the darker aspects of existence.”
— Jury of the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award

“[Isol is] a visual storyteller who works with extreme elements - fun, unpredictable elements and with humour - and who crosses borders and new boundaries”
— Larry Lempert, chair of the jury of the Astrid Lidgren Memorial Award

"[Isol's] art encourages children to look harder, to ask more questions, and to have fun with their books."
— Roxanne Harde, Bookbird: A journal of International Children's Literature

Rights Sold
  • Arabic: Dar Al Muna

  • Chinese: Beijing Yutian Hanfeng Books Co., Ltd.

  • Italian: Logos

  • Spanish: Fondo de Cultura Económica

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