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catalina bu

Diary of a Loner (Diario de un solo)

The idea of this book started on 2013, first as a webcomic where Catalina Bu published cartoons about the everyday life of a guy who lives alone in the big city. Like a diary, this book portrays the everyday life of Solo (Loner), a very special and appealing character—ironic but also tender, full of features that makes him close and recognizable in our own urban life. After a warm welcome by the press, the book was a Chilean best seller for two months and has readers from all over Latin America and Spain.


“Some distracted reader could grab this book into his hands, take a look at some pages, and think it’s about the adventures and misfortunesof some stranger, maybe a former friend or the weird neighbor, theone you sometimes see in the elevator. But beware, it’s a Trojan

horse. Once we go through the book, it allows us to see ourselves in every page. She deals with fine humor and an admirable graphic technique the topics of that little loner that we all have inside.”

—Alberto Montt

“Loner (the protagonist of the book) reclaims this duality of solitude and shows us that we are never alone, we simply need to observe and have the will to discover and connect... and a good way to start is by reading and seeing us reflected in this book.”

—ValerIa González, loqueleí

“The curiosity to explore its graphic dynamism was immediate. A free stroke, without fear of being out of the norm of what is considered ‘pretty’ in graphics and a single blue tone that bathes each page, becomes alluring at first sight. However, what really attracts is the everyday living situations of the protagonist, and the simplicity with which they are displayed. In this book we will not only see a lonely man, but a man happy to be alone.”

—Barón Zero, Los Eternautas

Rights sold

• Spanish (Chile): Catalonia.

• Spanish (rest of the World): Planeta.

• Portuguese (Brazil): Sesi.

• French: La Cafetière

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