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Dreaming is Easy
(Soñar no cuesta nada)

Have you ever wondered why you can't do what you're supposed to do? For the protagonist of this story, that question changed his life — a book for those who dream of flying high!

Dreaming Is Easy is a perfect book for boys and girls who dream of flying high to achieve all the goals they set for themselves.


“I began to need Daily Dose as a filthy junkie... Montt’s addictive books ruined my meetings, my friends were so hooked onthem that they stopped talking and stayed there all in silence. We were only interrupted by our own psychotic laughs.”

—Malena Pichot

“Montt mixes apples and oranges and doesn’t ask us to choose one of them. His books are the unusual space where opposites work together. There, the penguin and the polar bear, coming from opposite polesof the planet, find out how exciting it is to share the same bed”

—Juan VilloRo

“Really, a genius.”

—Manu Arregui Biziola

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