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Dreaming is Easy
(Soñar no cuesta nada)

Nowadays, being a duck isn’t easy. Being a duck that can’t fly, impossible! In this book, for ages 3 to 6, the illustrator Alberto Montt comes up with the most endearing character, a small duck with a big problem: although he dreams of travelling the world, he’s too afraid to fly. But this isn’t just any duck. One good day, tired of being stuck to the earth, he decides to build a flying machine. As he’s working on it, a fox comes up and interrupts him: “You are a duck. Ducks are supposed to be able to fly”. The duck has no problem defending himself, as he knows that not everyone can do what they’re supposed to do. But he has to
be careful, because the fox does know how to fulfill his destiny. And what are foxes supposed to do? They are hungry all day long! The duck, escaping from the nosy fox, and with no need of a flying machine, will finally be able to fly.


“I began to need Daily Dose as a filthy junkie... Montt’s addictive books ruined my meetings, my friends were so hooked onthem that they stopped talking and stayed there all in silence. We were only interrupted by our own psychotic laughs.”

—Malena Pichot

“Montt mixes apples and oranges and doesn’t ask us to choose one of them. His books are the unusual space where opposites work together. There, the penguin and the polar bear, coming from opposite polesof the planet, find out how exciting it is to share the same bed”

—Juan VilloRo

“Really, a genius.”

—Manu Arregui Biziola

Rights sold

• Spanish (Latin America): Penguin Random House

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