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The Balloon
(El globo)


Camila has a wish: that her mom becomes a balloon. And one day, when her mom was shouting as usual, she becomes red and round as if she were a big balloon. Then there's silence at last. What will Camila do when her wish comes true?

White Ravens List 2003

"The Balloon, a short story about the complex relationship that can exist between parents and children and the vision that children can have of them. Isol tells us, in a very visual way, a complicated and risky topic for children, providing a bit of humor and freshness page after page.
— Maite Monforte, Literatil

"Stories for children that don’t cover for the adults. Isol draws and writes with intelligence while taking sides."
— Patricia Kolesnicov, Clarín

Isol develops a narrative —both graphic and written— that moves in the logic of the visceral and savage of human beings. On the one hand, her illustrations have an interesting dialogue with the way children draw [...] while touching on universal themes from a position free of judgments —or assumptions— around children, or how they should think or behave. She has the ability to establish a horizontal exchange with her readers, for whom she expresses a high degree of empathy and feels deep admiration."
— María Fernanda García, Tierra Adentro

Rights Sold
  • Spanish: Fondo de Cultura Económica

  • German: Jungbrunnen Verlag

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