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Free drawing

(desenho livre)


"Desenho Livre" is the first graphic story of Andrés Sandoval. Made with black demographic pencil on white paper this book is an open letter that invites the reader to immerse themselves in the adventure of its pages. Guided by a boy with diving glasses and a pencil-shaped hat, you can find yourself before white pages and ink marks, which invite the reader to paint and complete these white spaces, or not. Free Drawing really looks like a coloring book (and nobody says it is not ...), but is so much more it is a work that "does not condition the reader to paint here or there, to do this or that, to colorize that piece or to complete it. It's all the time suggesting and you do if you think that's the case. The design is free" says the author. 

Rights sold

• Portuguese: Planeta Tangerina (Portugal),  Companhia das Letras (Brasil)

•French: Les Grandes Personnes

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