daniel matamala

Goals and Own Goals: The Improper Relationship Between Soccer and Politics
(Goles y autogoles: La impropia relación entre el fútbol y el poder político)

The book describes the relation of "exploitation" between politicians and soccer managers,where the first look for recognition and publicizing, while the second go after money. Theauthor posits that soccer has survived thanks to the financial support that it has always obtained from different political parties and private entrepreneurs.


"Goals and Own Goals by Daniel Matamala [is] the first text that approaches, through a serious investigation, the controversial link between soccer and politics in Chile, with an exposition of stories from the local sphere that require an urgent separation in its intrinsic duality: truth/myth."
—Esteban Abarzúa

"The result of this work —that started as a college project— can be qualified like a great goal. The work by Matamala accomplishes, in fact, almost all the requirements of a good investigation book. In the first hand, it provides specific data that even soccer lovers do not manage (for example, some unusual records about the mythical 1962 World Cup). It gives us, also, interesting personal interpretations about the facts and the key leading figures of our main sport and its links with politics, as it was with the case of our two main soccer idols before the "Za-Sa" duo, Carlos Caszely and Elías Figueroa. And, something that always would be appreciated, the book entertains us through practically all its pages."

—Ignacio Arnold (unavuelta.com - entelchile.net)

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