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Cultural Exchange
(Intercambio cultural)


"Cultural exchange: Trade your place with a foreign citizen for a week, and live another life" Julito saw this ad and decided to change his comfortable couch for some months in the jungle. In turn, Pombo arrived in the city and discovered... the TV. 

Seleccted by the SEP (Secretaría de Escuelas Públicas de México)

"Although brief, Intercambio cultural is a tale of these times, of fascinating suggestions and experiences, very visual, agile and entertaining, capable of transmitting sensations of freedom, of open spaces, freshness, and joy to any reader."
— Valerie Moir, Fundación Cuatrogatos

"[Isol's] art encourages children to look harder, to ask more questions, and to have fun with their books."
— Roxanne Harde, Bookbird: A journal of International Children's Literature

Rights Sold

  • Korean: Bookinfish Publishing CU

  • Spanish: Fonde de Cultura Económica

  • Turkish: From Kitap

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