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Laura and Dino
(Laura y dino)

Dino — a dinosaur — and his little daughter Laura — a human — talk about various topics, such as pizza, monsters, death, the government, and gifts. Through their conversations, they show us that where there is innocence, there can also be wisdom and vice versa.
“As soon as a child appears in our lives, an uncertain and wonderful space unfolds in the midst of our affections. Laura and Dino is the way Alberto Montt found to show us that sometimes parents have more questions and fears than children, and children have better answers than parents.” — Francisco Javier Olea.


“Montt mixes apples and oranges and doesn’t ask us to choose one of them. His books are the unusual space where opposites work together. There, the penguin and the polar bear, coming from opposite polesof the planet, find out how exciting it is to share the same bed”

—Juan VilloRo

“Really, a genius.”

—Manu Arregui Biziola

Rights sold

• Portuguese (Brazil): Alta Books

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