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Just like he did in his previous novel (the highly praised Nancy), for this book Bruno Lloret also chooses a female protagonist, the Siberian Lenia (or Leña, or Elena), a young, bored woman with a regular life from which she is trying to escape by looking for a husband online –a man who she hopes will free her. The true protagonist, however, is the unique voice of Leña —an imperfect and hypnotic Spanish, that mixes the rudiments of someone who is learning the language with the colloquialisms of Ramiro, the Chilean man who she finally meets online and who brings her to his country –and who tries, unsuccessfully, to become her boyfriend. With that stumble and exaggerated voice, Bruno Lloret builds a funny and touching novel, but also sad and apocalyptic one —it depicts the loneliness of characters who are searching for a better life, but fail miserably at it.


“In this novel there is enough ambition, courage and talent to write five, six, or even ten more books”.

—Ignacio Álvarez


“That broken and unusual syntax, that imperfect language that stumbles its verbal conjugations and consonances, is held throughout the novel, with only a few interruptions that show that the narrator is able to unsettle the reader with lucidity and dexterity.”

—Rodrigo Pinto, El Mercurio

Rights sold

• Spanish (Chile): Overol

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