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maria jose VIERA GALLO

Memory Motel


Memory Motel is a novel that is constantly forcing readers to think on what we have become, while sharing the protagonist’s feelings of strangeness and awkwardness. This book follows the story of Agatha, a 33 years old Chilean living in Brooklyn, New York. She is recently divorced, and lives secluded in her apartment. This is a novel about becoming and adult and being a Latin American immigrant in the US.


“Memory Motel is not only a big step forward for its author, but it’s also a powerful work, original, and at times deeply compelling.”

—Camilo Marks, El Mercurio


“Memory Motel creates positive expectations about María José Viera-Gallo’s future as a novelist.”

—Juan Manuel Vial, La Tercera

Rigts sold

• Spanish (Chile): Tajamar

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