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No one like you
(Nadie como tú)

“About window shopping, writing a letter to one’s mother, walking dehydrated, manipulating dreams. About listening to someone in the loneliness of their death. About the unacceptable closeness between the terror of living and the joy of living.”
The days of a young woman living in Santiago, Chile. The half-voiced confessions to her therapist and her best friend, her recent intimacy with an old woman, an indelible but ineffable childhood memory. In these pages, full of rawness and music, Catalina Bu demonstrates a mastery of rhythm that many acclaimed authors would like to have. This book is the Chilean author’s return to comics and her confirmation as one of the continent’s most profound and truthful storytellers.


"[Catalina has] a free stroke, without fear of being out of the norm of what is considered ‘pretty’ in graphics”.
—Barón Zero, Los Eternautas

Rights sold

• Spanish (World): Fulgencio Pimentel

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