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Nocturne: Dream recipes


Nocturne: Dream Recipes is a unique bedtime book that hints at the magic inherent in dreaming.

Twelve glow-in-the dark pictures present possible inspirations for a night in which the hidden world becomes visible. Just choose a dream from among the pictures and descriptions in the book, and then turn off the light to see a surprising glow-in-the-dark image. Included are dreams such as the dream of going far away, the boring book dream, the dream of the cat who smelled the tuna casserole, and even the drawn dream (which children can create themselves).

Once again Isol’s extraordinary creativity and humor have produced a truly wonderful, very original book


"Nocturne is another brilliant example of the highly imaginative and engaging nature of Isol's work in children's literature (and is another strong example of why her work has been nominated twice for the international Hans Christian Anderson Award for children's literature)." 
—CM Magazine


"Isol provides fodder for sweet (and sometimes not-so-sweet) dreams in a beguiling book built around glow-in-the-dark technology." 
— Publishers Weekly

Rights sold

• Dutch: De Harmonie

• English: Groundwood Books (Terminated)

• German: FISCHER Sauerländer

• Greek: Martis Books

• Spanish: Fondo de Cultura Económica

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