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How do you get to the country of piñatas? No one knows for sure. This is the story of a boy who traveled to that strange region, of what he saw there, and of how he came back to tell his story.

ALIJA Award (Asociación de Libro Infantil y Juvenil de Argentina) 2004
Selected by the Buenos Aires Goverment for the project "3 por 1 Leer para crecer" 2008

“[Isol is] a visual storyteller who works with extreme elements —fun, unpredictable elements and with humour— and who crosses borders and new boundaries”
— Larry Lempert, chair of the jury of the Astrid Lidgren Memorial Award

"[Isol] does not establish language barriers or censorship, she treats children as intelligent beings, free to draw their own conclusions. She writes with words that, if they don’t understand, they will look them up. She puts any subject on the table without fear. Themes so universal and profound that, most of the time, they also manage to connect with the adult audience through a narrative that is characterized for having an ironic tone and being loaded with a sense of humor." 
— María Fernanda García, Tierra Adentro

Rights Sold
  • Spanish: Fondo de Cultura Económica

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