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Powerful Knight. The Power of Money in Chilean Politics

(Poderoso Caballero. El pe$o del

dinero en la política chilena)


This is an investigation about the influence of economic power in Chilean politics. Hidden
stories like President Lagos intervention to antitrust authorities for the benefit of Spanish companies, or the transversal network of reserved contributions from economic groups as Matte, Luksic and Angelini, are revealed in this book. Powerful Knight explains why today in Chile the current economic disparity questions democracy and puts the power of a few and the interest of the majority on a collision course.


"Daniel Matamala explores the way in which politics and money in Chile have been intertwined, or, even better, the way that money, seeping through almost every existing gap, has influenced politics”.
—Carlos Peña

"Matamala´s text has great strengths and makes important contributions. Highlighting the shortcomings of the Chilean regulatory system, it reveals the opacity that has reigned in the relationship between the companies that finance campaigns —and presumably politics in general also— and the politicians that must legislate in issues delicate to those companies. Matamala opens the window of those secret rooms so the Chilean society may understand how money buys access, favors and wills."

—Patricio Navia (El Líbero)

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