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Chemistry and Nicotine

(Química y nicotina)


Co-written by María José and Maori Pérez, Chemistry and Nicotine tells the story of a woman in her 40s and a man in his 20s who fall in love with each other. The novel is what remains of the powerful, lovely and erotic letters between them. Mostly autobiographical, Chemistry and Nicotine is an invitation to take part of a tumultuous romance; it is an open window into the minds of two lovely yet distressing artists, and it will surely capture readers in search of frontal, real, and poetic love stories.


“This curious, bold, and unforgettable book […] has a lot of chemistry and nicotine, but over all, has so many unexpected elements that make it, sometimes, addictive, edgy, revolting, sick, gutter, tender, exhibitionist, moving, anachronistic, urgent, kitsch, experienced, porny, essential, and absolutely romantic.”

—Alberto Fuguet


“Chemistry and Nicotine is a courageous document (its authors don’t make any effort to hide their true identities over Kim and Nick’s personalities), so different than the Chilean contemporary literature that ends up being superficial, comfortable, and unbearably fake. ”

—Juan Manuel Vial, La Tercera


“Chemistry and Nicotine is a book that prevails over prejudices. Intimacy, that affectation-fed monster, is narrated with aplomb.”

—Tal Pinto, The Clinic

Rigts sold

• Spanish (Chile and México): Hueders

• Spanish (rest of the world): Alpha Decay

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