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Family Secret
(Secreto de familia)


The girl in this story has a serious problem: one morning she gets up earlier than usual and discovers an incredible secret well kept by her mother until then. A secret that makes herself and her family different from all the others. How can she go on normally with her life after knowing that?

White Ravens List 2005
Seleccted by the SEP (Secretaría de Escuelas Públicas de México)

"In this picture book, Isol, author and illustrator from Argentina, uses humor and puts the reader in the place of an accomplice until reaching the least expected outcome."
— Marcelo Bianchi, Revista Babar

"The originality of the picture book lies in the story itself, in how an event as normal as us waking up in the mornings, with our frizzed hair and our bear faces, becomes the funny story of a girl who lives the situation with horror, fearing to become a porcupine herself when she grows up. But this story wouldn’t be so great if not for Isol’s drawings. The mother’s hair, that frightening look on the girl’s face are the key to making us laugh. The drawings are made in pencil and colored with large stains of color that bring volume and help to imagine the spaces of each of the scenes."
— Susana Jiménez, Cuentos para Matilda.

Rights Sold
  • Spanish: Fondo de Cultura Económica

  • Arabic: Dar Al Muna

  • Dutch: De Harmonie

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