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Shiki Nagaoka: A Nose for Fiction
(Shiki Nagaoka: Una nariz de ficción)

Mexican novelist Mario Bellatin introduces the revolutionary work of a mysterious Japanese writer whose very existence has been all but erased from world literature. A writer who inspired Juan Rulfo and José María Arguedas, Shiki Nagaoka’s work has never been available in English, and his most famous novel, which still hasn’t been entirely deciphered, is written in an untranslatable language. Bellatin refuses to allow his portrait of the writer to end with the deformedly large nose that determined his life path, by offering a thorough analysis of the writer’s innovative use of photography and translation as integral processes in the production of his texts.


“Mario Bellatin, who has the fortune or misfortune of being considered Mexican by the Mexicans and Peruvian by the Peruvians [is one of the] writers without whom there’s no understanding of this entelechy that we call new Latin American literature.”

—Roberto Bolaño

 “We were a group of children trying to write, and he threw his great book on the table. It changed everything in Mexico.”

—Álvaro Enrigue

Rights sold

• English (World): Phoneme Media

• Italian (World): Autori Riuniti

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