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(Sin Palabras)

This is the intimate story of the author’s pregnancy, while living overseas. In her first graphic novel, and her first book for adults, one of the most successful Chilean illustrators explains a transcendental moment in her life: the transformation of her body and manners while expecting her son. With simple lines and colors, the story is told bluntly, avoiding all idealization, but with a lot of humor. This is an honest book, tender and raw, and what’s most important: absolutely idiosyncratic. Paloma, here, is at her best.


“Speechless, the most recent book by Paloma Valdivia, is the illustrated story of her pregnancy three years ago. She tells us this experience without prejudices, breaking all idealizations associated with pregnancy. On its pages, with powerful yet simple lines and colors, we learn about things that usually no one tells us. But she also shares the common experiences of every pregnant woman, like the unavoidable fear, the hormonal changes and its consequences, and the reactions of family and friends.”

—María Jesús Blanche (Fundación La Fuente)

“Paloma is encouraged to tell us this fantastic mutant adventure with no prejudices, with an honest drawing, fun, intelligent and poetic. Lucky Guillem to have a such a flying mother.”

Rights sold

• Spanish (Chile and México): Hueders
• Korean: Greenbook

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