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Stolen Summer

(Verano Robado)


While the summer sun strikes on the half-empty streets of Santiago, Livia Spektor will get to know a whole gallery of quirky characters, some of them loving, some of them dangerous. This is a bildungsroman where a young woman explores her city, her sexuality, and her limits while her parents are out of town. Witty and fun, this book has become a cult novel among Chilean teenagers.


“A well written and well conceived book prepared with intelligence, wit… [Stolen Summer] is an entertaining story, even nostalgic, despite taking place in the present time."

—Camilo Marks, El Mercurio


“Stolen Summer heats you up, overwhelms you, depresses you and attacks you, and, above all, it finally steals your heart and leaves you in the coldest of winters… I think this novel arrives just in time”.

—Alberto Fuguet

Rigts sold

• Spanish (Chile): Tajamar

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