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Sleepy Stories
(Cuentos cansados)

A very, very tired man is forced, by a very, very keen listener, to tell stories. Yawning, the man pleases his demanding audience; as a result, the stories he tells are very, very tired as well... With impressive illustrations, made with stencils on acetate and tempera, this book presents seven funny and charming stories, perfect for bedtime —that of children, mainly, but it works for adults too.


“Bianki has proven again and again to be an illustrator who pushes back the frontiers of art and illustration.”

—Talieh Mirsalehi

“Diego Bianki has managed to have his readers waiting, eagerly, for his next graphic project.”

—Vicente Ferrer

Rights sold

• Spanish (Argentina): Pequeño Editor

• English (US): Elsewhere Editions

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