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paloma valdivia


In a successful attempt to recreate an intimate, tender space, Paloma here portrays a mother talking to her child. “If I were a sheep,” she says, “you’d be a lamb... If I were a rabbit, you’d be a bunny. And one day you’d jump away, to come back later turned into whatever you wanted. By then, I would be different as well. And even though we wouldn’t look the same, we would still be mother and son —we would still be us”. Just like that, with a few words and her characteristic graceful and elegant illustrative style, Paloma manages to portray in this lovely book the strength of the indestructible bond between a parent and her child. This is a delicate, tender, and beautiful work of art, illustrated by the now grown, confident pen of Paloma.


“The grace of this story, besides the always beautiful and idiosyncratic illustrations
of Paloma, is that it’s a simple narrative, and its simplicity is its best feature, since
what it states is so transcendent that it resonates in a private way, giving the
chance to every reader to give a personal meaning to the story”.

Rights sold

• Spanish (World - except US): Amanuta

• Spanish (US): Scholastic

• English (World): Knopf for young readers

• French (World): La Joie de Lire

• Hindi (World): A&A Book Trust

• Italian (World): Fatatrac

• Japanese (World): Iwasaki

• Portuguese (Brazil): Criadeira Livros

• Turkish (World): Notabene

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