Diego Bianki 


Diego Bianki (1963) is an art teacher, designer and illustrator as well as editor. He is the co-founder and artistic director of Pequeño Editor, a collective publishing project that specializes in illustrated books. Since 2000, he has been illustrating the opinionand fiction sections of the cultural magazine Ñ of Clarín newspaper. He received the biennale prize IlustrArte in Portugal for the book Rompecabezas. He has also won the 2013 New Horizons Prize for the book Diccionario para armar (Conaculta) at the Bologna International Book Fair; the Konex CareerI llustration Prize (2002–2012), Buenos Aires; and the 2012 Illustration Prize from the Venezuelan Banco del Libro for the book Candombe. Fiebre de carnaval (Pequeño Editor, 2009). He has won the White Ravens prize twice (2004 and 2011), and in 2015, he received the Bologna Ragatzi Prize in the New Horizons category for the book Abecedario (Pequeño Editor, 2014). His books for children and young adults have been published in Argentina, Korea, France, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Germany and Belgium. And soon, his latest book, Tired Stories, will be published in the US by Elsewhere Editions.

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Tired Stories (Cuentos cansados, 2018)