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paloma valdivia

Paloma Valdivia


Paloma Valdivia (1977) is an illustrator with several books published around the globe in different languages. One of her most acclaimed books is Es así (And so it goes, Fondo de Cultura Económica, México), which was also published in Canada (Groundwood books) and Switzerland (La Joie du Lire). Other titles include Duerme negrito (Fondo de Cultura Económica, México), Sin palabras (2014), and Los 
de arriba y los de abajo (Kalandraka). The English translation of this
 last one (Up Above and Down Below, Owlkids Books) was reviewed by The New York Times and Publishers Weekly, and was selected as one
 of the 30 best children’s books of 2012 by the prestigious website As for Sin Palabras, it was recently published in South Korea by Greenbook. Her latest book is Nosotros (Us), which was published by Amanuta in Spanish, by La Joie de Lire in French and by Notabene in Turkish.

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US (Nosotros, 2017)

Speechless (Sin Palabras, 2014)

• The Way it Is (Es así, 2010)

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